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Say Hello to the Animals

Page history last edited by Katie 10 years, 3 months ago

To the tune of Did You Ever See a Lassie?


Let's say hello to the lion, the lion, the lion

Say hello to the lion with its brown curly mane.

(pause to wave and say, "Hello, lion!")

Let's say hello to the tiger, the tiger, the tiger

Say hello to the tiger, with its orange and black stripes.

(pause to wave and say, "Hello, tiger!")

Let's say hello to the elephant, the elephant, the elephant

Say hello to the elephant with its long gray trunk.

(pause to wave and say, "Hello, elephant!")




Let's say hello to the zebra, the zebra, the zebra

Say hello to the zebra, with its black and white stripes.

(pause to wave and say, "Hello, zebra!")




Let's say hello to the monkey, the monkey, the monkey

Say hello to the monkey with its curly brown tail.

(pause to wave and say, "Hello, monkey!")




Let's say hello to the giraffe, the giraffe, the giraffe

Say hello to the giraffe with its very long neck.

(pause to wave and say, "Hello, giraffe!")

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