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Daisy Had a Dinosaur

Page history last edited by Katie 6 years, 7 months ago

Daisy had a dinosaur, dinosaur, dinosaur!
Daisy had a dinosaur whose skin was very green!
And everywhere that Daisy went, Daisy went, Daisy went,
And everywhere that Daisy went the creature made a scene!

It walked with her to school one day, school one day, school one day,
It walked with her to school one day which scared her friends away!
It made the teachers think aloud, think aloud, think aloud;
It made the teachers wonder if dinosaurs are extinct!
The principal called the police, the police, the police!
The principal called the police and then called pest patrols!

The pest patrols arrived at school, got to school, got to school;
When pest patrols arrived at school, they brought in all their tools!
When they saw the dinosaur, dinosaur, dinosaur!
When they saw the dinosaur, it was no dinosaur!
It really is an iguana, iguana, iguana!
It really is an iguana from rare kinds of phyla!

By Deanna Field, Children’s Librarian – July 2013


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